uniting masculine + feminine

Way of the Faithful Warrior

Sometimes, we like to see that [something] can be done (outside ourselves),

before we will believe that [something] can be done (inside ourselves).

However, in order for us to see [that thing] done (outside ourselves),

SOMEONE had to believe [that thing] could be done (inside themselves),

before they'd ever seen a way for [that thing] to be done (outside themselves).

They couldn't see a path, but they believed in [that thing] enough to take a step into the wild, unpaved direction of [that thing], ANYWAY.

They acted as though [that thing] could be done, and then, eventually, [that thing] WAS done.

Then, we could ALL see [that thing] done (outside ourselves).

So, we ALL began to believe [that thing] could be done (inside ourselves).

Those courageous ones who take their first step before seeing any evidence of a(n outer) path, show us how [those things] might be done (outside ourselves) if we BELIEVE [those things] can be done (inside ourselves), and then, take a single, faithful step...

And then, another.

And another.

They are not paving *the* way; they are showing us how we might pave our own.