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Three Lessons I've Learned from Starting a YouTube Channel

I've really only just begun this YouTube adventure, but I've already learned three interesting and valuable lessons about this creative process:

  1. I really enjoy editing! I think it's where much of the story is actually told. Sure, content is king, but the edit makes it sing like (a) Queen ;) Whenever I'm editing, I feel a certain creative energy and focus that I haven't experienced in awhile. It's... FUN! Imagine that. Creating because it's FUN! Such an amazing concept. I'd highly recommend giving it a try ;)
  2. The enjoyment factor (of editing, for me) doesn't always make it easier to show-up. Editing takes me a long time—I'm still learning how to actually do it. I'm still learning the tools and the techniques. So, because of the learning curve and my lingering self consciousness, self doubt, and all those negative, bullying, inner critics, that have their sneaky ways of keeping me from fully expressing myself—well, some days, I only show-up because I've committed to showing up... other days I show-up because I just want to play around without the pressure to publish, but...
  3.  Showing-up to make or create [the thing] is only HALF of the process... After I make [the thing], I actually have to *share* [the thing]. I MUST put it out into the world or it might as well not exist at all. I'm understanding more and more the importance of just freakin' hitting Publish... again... and again... In the wise words of Sheryl Sandberg, "Done is better than perfect".

**I ALSO learned that I'd like to make some additional, shorter versions of the interviews—maybe a >5 minute version and a >10 minute version, in addition to each full interview...

It's all just a great work in progress, but I'll keep showing-up and showing my work as we go  ;)