uniting masculine + feminine


Skylar Kergil has been sharing his personal transition story on YouTube since 2009, when he was 17 years old. Needless to say, over the last six years he's become an expert in living authentically, expressing openly, and courageously sharing his truth. He continually creates inspiring content for his YouTube channel, Skylarkeven, and plants seeds of positivity and hope throughout his growing tribe.

I was excited to learn more of Sky's unique perspective on the intersection of transition and life!

Here are few of the highlights from our enlightening conversation:

3:15 – Life on a spectrum
5:57 – Defining "gender"
8:10 – Reconciling past/present stories
10:31 – Relevance in coming out
11:45 – Beyond "Skylar the transguy on YouTube"
13:31 – Defining "man"
16:11 – Lessons learned from transition
21:00 – Taking responsibility for our perspective
24:40 – Re: fear
29:10 – The process of finding balance
34:30 – Sharing meaning; broadcasting vulnerability; courage through connection
39:35 – Labels in a labeled society
44:25 – Skylar's personal mission(s) and message(s)