uniting masculine + feminine


I first became acquainted with Dylan McCabe a few months ago, and we connected instantly. It certainly didn't take long for me to realize how much we had in common regarding our personal experiences and perspectives—both of transition AND life :)

Dylan is a poet, spiritual mentor, healer, dream interpreter and friend of the Earth, who also creates and shares his inspiring story & videos on his YouTube channel (The Soul Spiral).

I was very excited to talk with him in detail about his story, process, and path. You can watch our discussion, below, or over on the new GENDERFUL YouTube channel

Here's a rundown of the topics we cover:

0:00—Introduction to Dylan's Transition/Story
3:30—Surprises, lessons learned, and lessons to teach
6:20—Navigating fear/change
7:45—Discomfort and contrast
10:40—The "AH-HA!" (and "oh, shit") moment
14:00—Self care and relationship with body
17:30—Relationships with others
25:00—Physical Transition vs. Spiritual Path
31:00—"Gender", gender roles, and gender expression
37:00—Creative expression, outlets, and projects

For more of Dylan's work, please check out his YouTube channel, The Soul Spiral:

And his first book of poetry, The Spiral Storm

You can also connect with Dylan on his Soul Spiral website and Soul Spiral Facebook page.