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GENDERFUL TALKS: FEAR (and other stuff)!

I wanted y'all to be the first to know about the next iteration of this GENDERFUL project :)

I suppose I'm writing this is, in part, to keep myself moving towards continued action. I know that once I share my intentions, here, I'll feel new level of responsibility for them and for ensuring their creation...

I suppose I'm also feeling a bit afraid, and so, I also know that, by sharing this, now, it will make it more difficult for the fear to win... 

I can feel the fear inside, circling hand-in-hand with those damn inner critics, but I know they don't matter... 

GENDERFUL matters.

My work here matters.

So, I'm focusing my time, attention, and energy on these creations, and this post is a micro-movement towards sharing this thing that I care so deeply about making.

This is me, walking through yet another spiderweb.

And I suppose that brings us to the second reason for this post—I'm just really, REALLY excited to put this project into the world. I feel that it's so, incredibly valuable and important and relevant for this time, and I must keep making and sharing these videos...

Over the lasts few weeks I've interviewed a number of other trans men (and yes, so far, only male-identified, folks). I'm looking forward to expanding to include others who identify at various points along the infinite gender spectrum in these discussions around topics ranging from courage and change to creativity and growth.

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Also, please check out the stories and work of my incredible, generous, first two guests:

Dylan McCabe and Forest T. Bones


Howdy, I'm Aaron, and GENDERFUL is my story... 

Or, at least, that's how this site began— as a collection of personal articles and essays about my own physical transition and spiritual transformation.

It's taken well over three decades for me to find (relative) ease in understanding and sharing my perspective of life and to find comfort within my own evolving and expanding beliefs as a creative and spiritual human being.

I'm still healing and learning, and I'm most definitely still transitioning and growing.

For the last several years, GENDERFUL has been a creative outlet, a place to practice using my voice, and a space for sharing my unique perspectives on gender identity/expression and spirituality.

It's also been an incredible exercise in putting concrete language, structure, and shape around some of the organic and abstract ideas and lessons (specifically around living a more creative, balanced, and holistic life) that I've learned (for myself) along my path of self discovery and authentic expression.

Ah, but such is art, as is in life; GENDERFUL can't and won't remain what it's always been, and the time has come for some growth and change to happen, here.

Change can be scary and absolute greatness—both—at the same time :)

The next iteration of GENDERFUL is stretching its wings now and will be taking flight very soon.

In the meantime, I want to promise a few things to myself (and to you):

I promise fear won't win.

I promise to make and share my heart's work.

I promise to focus on the absolute greatness of this next step.

As always, thank you for visiting GENDERFUL with an open heart and mind, and thank you for your interest in ALL of our gender+full stories.

<3 Aaron