uniting masculine + feminine

Falling into newness

I love the fall.

The old is sloughed away to make space for the new.

Nature is ready to rest, her cycle complete.

This renewal doesn't happen immediately; it happens in time.

Nature cannot be rushed, and neither can the changes unfolding within ourselves.

Moment-after-moment is how we progress...

Through time, and through seasons, and through all phases of life.

We flow into existence, and we flow back out.

New waves wash-in and become the old, before dissolving back into their source and repeating the cycle over and over and over, again and again and again.



Old thoughts dissolve into new.

Old beliefs. Old systems. Old patterns. Old habits.

Old versions of ourselves.

Dissolving and evolving.

The old falls and fades-away, making way for the new that's yet to arrive.

All physical things in this physical world were meant to change and to shift and to evolve and to dissolve into newness...

New waves of insight.

New growth.

New thoughts.

New beliefs.

New systems.

New patterns.

New habits.

New leaves.

New lives.