uniting masculine + feminine

A Single Perspective

GENDERFUL offers a single perspective on a single physical transition, a single spiritual transformation, and a single human life.

This single perspective can't possibly represent an entire collective of perspectives from other experiences—regardless of whether the experience is labeled, "transition" or "transformation" or "LIFE".

It's just ONE, single (shifting) perspective.

I do believe that sharing our individual perspectives serves a vital role in both the individual and collective evolution of the people of this great planet. Connecting to other perspectives through the lens of our own is how we're able to create a new framework for understanding these shared experiences (on multiple levels), and how we might begin to view ourselves as ONE, united, humanity, that's being (beautifully, diversely) expressed in MANY different forms.

Open hearts will create open minds, and by learning to accept each others' unique perspectives, we can find the courage to share our own perspectives without shame and guilt towards ourselves or blame and judgement towards the "others".

This is how we might come to see all perspectives as valid and all labels as divisive.

I love this video from Emery. He's helping to spread love, openness, unity, and information.

Jump to 3:13 if you want to skip the intro of Emery watching/commenting on the video that inspired my sharing of his perspective on this topic of labels. :)